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Safety Management System (SMS)

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Prerequisite: Compulsory for SAFE Work Manitoba Certification



Safety Management Systems (SMS) should be integrated into the management system(s) for the entire organization. Lack of safety planning normally increases an organization’s costs significantly. Modern management principles indicate that overall business management can be judged and assessed based on the organization’s safety management system.


Made Safe helps employers understand Safety Management System requirements set forth by the Workplace Safety and Health Division as well as step-by-step instructions to assist companies in reaching certification to the SAFE Work Manitoba Certified standard.

Application of the knowledge gained during the course will ensure that learners can develop an SMS program that can prove due diligence above and beyond the legal requirements. Upon successful completion of this course a certificate, and/or wallet card where applicable, will be mailed to the student.


This course meets the SAFE Work Manitoba Certified standard. It is designed to meet or exceed provincial legislation, CSA standards, industry best practices, and international (OHSAS, ISO, etc.) standards for safety management systems. The SMS course is based on the SAFE Work Manitoba Certified standard. As such it meets or exceeds legislated requirements as well as the CSA Z99, ANSI Z1000, and OHSAS 18001 international standards for safety management systems.

Duration and materials

The course includes two days of theory. Learners will receive a manual as well as samples of policies, procedures and forms for each element. All materials are provided both in hard and electronic copy.

Target audience

This course is designed for committee co-chairs, safety coordinators and middle to upper management.

Specific learning

Learners will be taken on a step-by-step journey through the development, implementation and operation of a safety management system. It begins with the policies and continues through the intricate steps of each element. Samples of numerous documents are presented and worked through in order to provide the learners with hands-on experience. Real world examples are presented and learners are encouraged to discuss how each element of the SMS can be applied in their workplace.

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