Manufacturing Safety for Manitoba

About Made Safe

A CME Manitoba initiative, Made Safe provides health and safety services designed specifically for the needs of the manufacturing work environment. In partnership with SAFE Work Manitoba, Made Safe makes it easier for employers and workers to ensure workplaces are safe and productive. Guided by an industry-led safety council, the association offers training, access to events and resources, consulting and certification by manufacturers, for manufacturers.

Manufacturing safety for Manitoba

  • Made Safe offers an extensive range of member services, including more than 30 training courses
  • A safer industry means lower WCB costs for everyone – as much as 30 per cent based on historical data
  • 70 per cent fewer lost time injuries
  • 52 per cent sector participation in just six months
  • 15 per cent rebate on WCB fees upon certification
  • And much more!


Membership benefits

Funded by a levy on WCB rates for participating rate codes, benefits include increased productivity, safer workplaces, industry-reduced WCB fees and a WCB rebate upon certification – more than offsetting the membership levy.


Stronger. Safer. Together.

To qualify for membership in Made Safe, 50 per cent or more of the payroll in a WCB rate code (or group of rate codes) must confirm support to WCB. Once the threshold is reached, any companies within that code, regardless of whether or not they have actively opted in, become members and are entitled to all Made Safe membership benefits.

If you are not already a Made Safe member, please read CME’s letter of encouragement and confirm your endorsement by returning this letter of support to SAFE Work Manitoba.


Industry Input

Made Safe receives valuable insights from its industry-lead safety advisory council— a dedicated group of individuals from a broad cross-section of manufacturing which includes manufacturing executives, safety professionals and workers. The council serves a collaborative function to both keep the Manitoba manufacturing sector informed of Made Safe initiatives and to receive input from its major stakeholders, which ensures that Made Safe’s best-in-class services reflect the current and future needs of Manitoba’s largest industry.

IBSP Board of Directors



Made Safe delivers professional safety services as the go-to resource for the manufacturing industry, enabling safe, productive, cost-effective work environments.



Made Safe will be recognized by and beyond the manufacturing industry as the leading safety organization in Manitoba. With responsive, effective services and a clear business proposition for safety, Made Safe will be actively engaged with the majority of manufacturers in Manitoba, leading to a demonstrated improvement in industry safety.

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