Manufacturing Safety for Manitoba

Made Safe On Tour Trailer


Bringing Safety to Your Workplace One Demonstration at a Time

The On Tour Trailer is a unique experience that brings safety right to your workplace. The trailer consists of 5 practical, real world demonstrations ranging from the basics of a conducting a lockout procedure on actual equipment, to witnessing the impact of proper fall protection on an anatomically accurate dummy. Made Safe staff with their wealth of knowledge and experience will facilitate the demonstrations as well as interact with your staff to create a unique safety experience that will have a lasting impact with your employees.


Lockout / Tagout Demo

Did you know that several hundred electricity related workplace injuries happen each year? (Manitoba, 2021) Having a proper lockout procedure and training workers is key to reducing this number. Our demo will take employees through the process of locking / tagging out a Fan/motor assembly as well as a compressed air system.


Safe Lifting Techniques

Back injuries are not only costly for both the employee and employer, they are one of the most common workplace injuries, with nearly 3300 occurring in Manitoba annually (Manitoba, Illness & Injury Report, 2019) Our demonstration shows the impact of both using a proper and improper lifting technique on your lower back. Employees are educating on the mechanics and importance of proper lifting not only at work but in their personal lives as well.


Hand & Utility Knife Safety

I’m wearing a pair of gloves, that means my hands are protected, Right? Not necessarily. Hand injuries are the #1 injury that occurs in Manitoba workplaces annually. (Manitoba, Illness & Injury Report, 2019) This demonstration shows Employees how to identify the right type of hand protection for the task they are performing, as well as highlights the importance of utility knife safety & best practices.


Eye Protection

Can safety glasses really protect my eyes from a nail gun?  This demonstration shows first hand the difference between CSA & non CSA approved eyewear when coming into contact with high Impact objects. It truly highlights the importance of the proper care and use of safety eyewear within your facility. 


Fall Arrest Awareness

From 2010 – 2019 there have been 15 workplace fatalities that have occurred from a worker falling from heights. (Manitoba, Illness & Injury Report, 2019) This demonstration involves the uses of an anatomically accurate dummy and recreates a live fall scenario showing the difference between using a shock absorbing vs. a non-shock absorbing lanyard. The Made Safe team will educate your staff on the importance of proper fall protection inspections, as well as the hazards associated with suspension trauma.



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