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Noise testing, ergonomic assessments, respiratory fit testing, workplace inspections and more are all included in Made Safe rates. Many members find that the services available more than offset the cost of membership.

Moreover, the completion and adherence to appropriate safety tests and standards can provide a level of protection should Workplace Safety & Health move toward summary convictions and fines for non-compliance in the workplace.

Noise level testing
Personal noise level testing can help minimize worker health risks. Made Safe testing provides a professional assessment of your workplace. Testing includes specific task and general area as well as noise dosage over a set timeframe for a specific worker (time-run studies). Reports can be used to plan your hearing conservation programs.

Ergonomic assessments
Made Safe advisors provide expert advice with comprehensive ergonomic assessment reports on the suitability of specific tasks and work stations. Train your staff on how to perform physical demands descriptions for all jobs, plus hire and train the right workers for the job.

Respiratory fit testing
Respiratory fit testing is performed with a TSI Port-a-Count, one of the most accurate devices on the market. Made Safe provides worker training and assists with medical assessment forms that must be completed before testing. Subsequently, a Made Safe advisor will perform the fit test onsite.

Made Safe inspections provide a professional quality assessment of the health and safety risks in your workplace. All inspections include a written report with specific suggestions to address any concerns. Copies of the inspection report are restricted to Made Safe and the client firm only.

Safety is a language we can all speak
At Made Safe, we are committed to ensuring “Safety is a language we can ALL speak”. SAFE Work Manitoba has resources available to employers/employees in 19 different languages to help workers understand their rights and help employers carry out training and orientation. Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. Contact Made Safe or SAFE Work Manitoba today for more information.
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