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Your health and safety is our top focus

Made Safe provides several occupational risk assessments as well as other services. These include noise level testing, ergonomic assessments, respiratory fit testing, workplace inspections and more.  Our testing provides a professional quality assessment of your workplace. This is important to ensure that companies are protecting the workers, to prove due diligence and compliance to the Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations.

The rates for these services are included in Made Safe’s member rates – this means existing members already qualify to receive many of these services at no extra cost.

Moreover, the completion and adherence to appropriate safety tests and standards can provide a level of protection and save costs associated with non-compliance in the workplace (such as legal costs or fines).



Part of a complete hearing conservation program is assessing the noise levels at your facility. Starting with ambient/area testing, Made Safe will create a noise level map of your facility. This map will indicate what areas require further testing using personal noise level dosimeters. Full reports and explanation of results are provided and meet workplace safety and health requirements.



Made Safe performs quantitative respiratory fit testing that provides data on the effectiveness of the respirator seal. Respiratory fit testing is performed with a TSI Port-a-Count, one of the most accurate devices on the market. Made Safe can provide training for your workers and the medical assessment forms that must be completed before testing. Subsequently, a Made Safe advisor will be on-site to perform the fit test.



Made Safe assists employers in understanding the requirements of a safety management system that meets legislation and teaches best practices for industry. This includes step-by-step instructions to assist companies in reaching certification to the SAFE Work Certified standard. Application of the knowledge gained during this service will ensure learners can develop an SMS program that can prove due diligence above and beyond legal requirements.



Made Safe inspections provide a customized professional quality assessment of the health and safety risks in your workplace. Inspections are tailored to the needs of the company and range from an entire site inspection to inspection of new processes or equipment. All inspections include a written report with specific suggestions to address any concerns. Copies of the inspection report are restricted to Made Safe and the client firm only.



Our Ergonomic Assessments are designed to seek out and mitigate ergonomic risks in your workplace. A Made Safe ergonomic systems specialist can attend your facility to meet with stakeholders, observe processes, and provide practical recommendations to reduce ergonomic risks. Using technology, we help everyone from stakeholders to employees understand the effects of proper body positioning. Subsequently, Made Safe provides a written visual report that makes understanding results quick and painless.



Machine guarding is a focus of workplace safety as it is often a first line of defense for operators who work on or around industrial machinery. Either as a result of improvement orders or as a proactive safety measure, Made Safe can perform risk assessments on equipment to help identify appropriate corrective actions to reduce risk. We offer professional support in preliminary steps and additionally, can connect you with trusted professional engineers when required.



Dealing with improvement orders from the Workplace Safety & Health Branch can be an overwhelming experience. Made Safe is here to assist companies in meeting the legislative requirements in Manitoba using our knowledge and expertise to ensure that orders are closed in a way that satisfies all stakeholders. Made Safe will assist you in meeting compliance and taking the next proactive steps in your safety and health journey.



Part of being compliant with legislation includes following certain CSA standards. Made Safe has a subscription to the CSA standards and can help perform the research needed to comply. A Made Safe team member will help you understand the requirements in a way that is easy to understand.



For a complete list of services offered by Made Safe, as well as details and pricing, see our Service Guide.


Safety is a language we can all speak

SAFE Work Manitoba has resources available for employers/employees in 19 different languages to help workers understand their rights and help employers carry out training and orientation. Everyone has the right to a safe workplace. Contact Made Safe or SAFE Work Manitoba today for more information.

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