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Inspections are a proactive indication of a fully-functioning safety management system. Legislation requires many different types of inspections to be completed throughout your facility. This course will provide information and explanation on those required inspections.


This course will enable the learner to go from understanding what needs to be inspected and when, to completing the inspections and making recommendations for corrective action to deficiencies. Upon successful completion of this course a certificate, and/or wallet card where applicable, will be mailed to the student.


This course is designed to meet or exceed provincial legislation and industry best practices.

Duration and materials

The course includes four hours of theory on the step-by-step development of an inspection system and a two hour inspection and discussion when site specific. Learners will receive a manual that includes excerpts of the applicable legislation.

Target audience

This course is designed for supervisors or safety personnel with the need to fully understand the inspection process. A clear understanding of the processes used throughout the facility is beneficial.

Specific learning

Topics include legislative inspection requirements, developing inspection checklists, conducting an inspection and making recommendations to employers for corrective actions.

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