Confined Space Awareness


Course Date: September 24, 2020


Member Price: Member benefit

Associate Member Price: $50

Non-Member Price: $150


Availability: Regional and Site Specific

Prerequisite: N/A



Working within a confined space can be one of the most dangerous jobs performed in any facility. An incident inside a confined space can cause significant injury and even death. Legislation has very specific regulations governing the work performed in confined spaces. It is imperative that anyone entering a confined space must have the training needed to save their or the lives of others in the confined space.


This course will provide learners with the ability to identify and assess confined spaces, recognize and control hazards and be able to use confined space personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment properly. Upon successful completion of this course a certificate, and/or wallet card where applicable, will be mailed to the student.


This course is designed to meet or exceed provincial legislation and industry best practices.

Duration and materials

The course includes six hours of theory, including instruction on how to prepare entry plans. Learners will receive a manual which includes excerpts of the applicable legislation.

Target audience

This course is designed for supervisors, lead hands and workers who work in or around confined spaces.

Specific learning

Topics include the identification of confined spaces and the hazards associated with them, including gases that may be encountered while in a confined space, proper ventilation techniques as well as PPE and rescue procedures.

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