Adult Learning Theory

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Prerequisite: For all Train-the-Trainer Programs



Adults learn differently than children. This course helps trainers recognize and deal with adult learning situations and will help develop in-house trainers, enabling your facility to be self-sufficient in regard to your training needs.


This course will give the learner a better understanding of how adults learn, their roles as instructors as well as dealing with problems that may arise throughout their presentations. Upon successful completion of this course a certificate, and/or wallet card where applicable, will be mailed to the student.


This course is designed to meet or exceed provincial legislation and industry best practices.

Duration and materials

The course includes five hours of theory, delivered in an extensive course on adult learning characteristics, the role of the instructor, learning styles, teaching styles as well as valuable teaching techniques.

Target audience

The course is designed for trainers at all levels of your facility that want to further develop an understanding of the way their students learn.

Specific learning

Topics include how to effectively teach adults through understanding their learning characteristics and your teaching styles. How to recognize why some training fails and the steps needed to ensure yours doesn’t.

All Made Safe Train-The-Trainer (TTT) courses include adult learning as part of the curriculum. Once the learner has taken the adult learning course, the credit will be applied to any further TTT classes they attend. This enables the learner to skip that portion of the subsequent TTT course(s).

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