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Join Us at the Safetys on November 2, 2022

Join Us at the Safetys on November 2, 2022

Posted on September 29, 2022

By Steve Hnatishin, Program Manager



It’s been too long since we’ve been able to gather and celebrate safety in person. This year we can team up once again to celebrate the people and organizations in safety and health that are standing out as leaders. All industries are collaborating at this event to shed light on the difference makers. Whether you are in manufacturing, construction, trucking, sales and service, farming, or health care, we have the place for you to rub shoulders with others in the safety and health community.


That’s why Made Safe is inviting YOU to be a part of this dynamic evening of food, fun, and inspiring stories about the positive impact our award winners are having on our communities. As the industry safety association for Manufacturing, Made Safe is proud to turn the spotlight on the people and companies who are safety leaders in their communities. Awards are presented for safety culture, workplace health and safety committees, and individual workers and youth. It reminds us why we continue to advocate for safety – and why our work is never done.


Join us at The Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre on Wednesday November 2, 2022, to remind ourselves of all the remarkable things we do in safety and health. We feature five industry based awards sponsored by Made Safe, CSAM, MHCA, RPM, and S2SA. Additionally, SAFE Work Manitoba presents awards for safety culture, safety committee, and worker safety. Each year, Made Safe has the greatest pleasure to select one winner to receive our Safety Excellence in Manufacturing Award. Join the ranks of previous winners (Such as Winpak, Bothwell Cheese Ltd., and more) to prove your dedication to safety culture in the manufacturing industry. 


We need your presence and your support to keep this event going so if you are interested, please join us for that one night a year in Manitoba where those championing safety and health are the ones strutting down the red carpet. I look forward to seeing you there!




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