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Exclusive Offer for Made Safe Members – ProTELEC Safety Tool

Exclusive Offer for Made Safe Members – ProTELEC Safety Tool

Posted on July 6, 2022

In partnership with ProTELEC


Employee safety has never been more important, as the world of work has undergone dramatic and lasting changes over the past few years. As organizations emerge from the operational challenges of the pandemic, employers must now consider how the definition of a workplace has changed. In many cases, with people now working under circumstances they may not have worked under in the past.

Do you know how many Provincial regulations an employer must consider while reviewing workplace hazards?

In Manitoba, there are 44 regulations in place to protect employees while on the job. The use of PPE is usually the first regulation to come to mind. If someone is working at heights, there must be fall protection. Employees working within confined spaces or with hazardous chemicals must also have special training.

Which hazards are you missing in the development of your workplace safety policies and procedures?

One hazard that is often overlooked can be found in Part 9 of the regulations on Working alone or in Isolation. Working alone is a more common hazard than many employers realize. At some point in the workday, many people will be alone or isolated as defined by work safety regulations.

Employers have a duty to address all hazards, using the following key components:

  1. Implementing a reliable operational system of control.
  2. Developing clear safe work policies and procedures and providing ongoing training.
  3. Developing a culture of safety within an organization, with management leading the way by setting a good example.

A key requirement of working alone regulations is a ‘system of regular contact’ between employer and employee. This can be a challenge for employers to ensure that safety checks are occurring on a consistent and reliable basis. There must also be an audit trail of these safety checks for proof of due diligence.

At Made Safe and CME we regularly hear from members looking for tools to improve employee safety. We have partnered with ProTELEC to deliver a safety check solution that meets all Federal and Provincial working alone regulations.


ProTELEC is now offering a Free Trial and 20% Made Safe members discount.

ProTELEC CheckMate Working Alone is an automated communication service that provides reliable safety checks. This flexible solution incorporates phone calls, text messages, and the easy-to-use Safe Alone app. Implementation is easy, and the system can be configured to complement existing workplace safety procedures. Users can be setup simply by adding the Safe Alone app to staff smartphones and tapping ‘Activate’ to start their safety checks.

Learn more on the CheckMate Working Alone website. To take advantage of this exclusive Free Trial offer and Made Safe members discount, please contact Randy Pokrant at


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