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The Environment Act Proposal Checklist Tool

The Environment Act Proposal Checklist Tool

Posted on May 12, 2022

By Michael Cardillo, Safety Trainer, M.Sc, CRST

Michael began his career as a Biological Research Technician. After taking the Occupational Safety and Health Certification, he transitioned to a career as a Safety and Health Consultant before starting at Made Safe. His areas of expertise include:

  • Environmental Research
  • Laboratory Safety and Health Practices
  • Corporate and Retail Safety and Health Practices



Environmental licensing is a tool used by the Government of Manitoba to prevent and supervise acts that fall outside of environmental legislation. It includes an administrative procedure wherein companies must seek approval for location, installation or expansion of enterprises that may generate pollution or otherwise create lasting impacts on the environment.

It’s important to have operations within environmental compliance. Failing to do so can create large-scale pollution and contamination of the air, water and soil, endanger people’s health in the surrounding area, and potentially result in significant fines from government agencies. With so much attention on environment-friendly practices, you may also risk poor public perception, civil lawsuits, and media scrutiny.

The challenge is that legislation can be difficult for large companies, let alone SMEs, to navigate. The Environmental “department” within an organization is often one more responsibility piled onto a manager’s already-overflowing plate, or a volunteer position picked up by an employee with special interest.



The Environment Act came into effect in 1988, with the purpose of managing and protecting ecosystems in Manitoba to sustain quality of life and economic development. The act, which focuses on Environmental Assessments and Licensing, has implications for manufacturers which impact the development of new manufacturing processes, facility expansions or redesign.

According to the Province,

“The Environment Act outlines the environmental assessment and licensing process for developments in Manitoba that may have potential for significant environmental and / or human health effects. The process exists to ensure environmental and human health protection, encourage early consultation, allow for full public participation, and ensure economic development occurs in an environmentally responsible manner.”



Made Safe has developed a checklist tool for manufacturers to understand what documentation is required when filling out an Environment Act Proposal (EAP) Form. It’s our goal to make the process simple to ensure you have the required material ready to submit when creating a proposal.

The Environment Act Proposal Checklist includes a list of the classes of development relevant to manufacturing operations, the documentation required within the report supporting the Environment Act Proposal, costs for each class of development and sample report examples which can guide your organization through the application process.



Not only is following environmental compliance a requirement of your business, it’s also an important and necessary step to protect our ecosystems from the damaging, long-term effects of pollution created by enterprises – whether intentional or not. Per the Environment Act, Manitoba businesses are required to submit a proposal.

To help make the environmental licensing process as simple as possible, take advantage of our free, downloadable checklist to save on time and resources.

Interested in learning more about environmental legislation and what it means for your business? Contact us at

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