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Manufacturing companies have been asking for access to rapid Covid-19 testing

Manufacturing companies have been asking for access to rapid Covid-19 testing

Posted on March 22, 2021

Manufacturing companies have been asking for access to rapid COVID-19 testing, either to move essential workers across borders or to do screening to keep critical operations functioning. Made Safe’s team of health and safety experts have kept abreast of the evolving science, public health and policy considerations. In this post, we share what manufacturers need to know.

While Made Safe recommends all manufacturers follow government protocols, from time-to-time urgent business needs or government guidelines themselves may require private testing with quicker turnaround times and fewer restrictions to access. These private sites offer two kinds of tests:

First, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Tests, which represent the gold standard of screening. A PCR test detects the virus’s genetic material and identifies large or small amounts of the virus. Currently, Canada requires a PCR test for entry into the country. At the time of posting, there are at least two companies providing this testing for a fee in Winnipeg:

The second type of testing is an antigen test. It detects proteins on the surface of the virus and delivers a faster result; however, is not considered as accurate as a PCR test and is only used in Manitoba as a first screening where the is an outbreak occurring as it can speed up contact tracing. A negative result still must be confirmed by a PCR test to be declared accurate. While Canada does not, several countries including the USA accept an antigen test for admittance into the country. If a company needed to send someone to the USA, they could get an antigen test to travel out but would require a PCR test to return.

  • Star Drug Testing Services in Winnipeg offer this test and can be reached at 204-632-9341. Tests can be booked online at Pricing is set at $169 for a 15-minute turnaround.

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