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Safety Excellence in Manufacturing Award

Safety Excellence in Manufacturing Award

Posted on October 5, 2020

Being recognized for taking that extra step towards ensuring workplace safety and maintaining high workplace morale can often be very inspiring. While some people prefer to follow health and safety procedures to ensure their own safety, the real changemakers are the ones who take initiative and put in the hours to ensure their organization and its employees are safe and sound.

Whether you prefer receiving a tangible reward to validate your success or a simple company recognition, being rewarded for being part of the safety culture in your organization is a great morale boost and a sign that you’re headed in the right direction in your career. Leaving work with a feeling of accomplishment and pride can often be a life-changing experience and a lifelong reward.

This is where Made Safe’s Safety Excellence Award comes in, and this year recipients: Bothwell Cheese. This award is being given to an organization that demonstrates leadership in the following 3 key areas:

  • A comprehensive, formal safety program;
  • A strong, uniform safety culture in all areas of the organization; and
  • A demonstrated track record of safety success.

Bothwell Cheese‘s safety culture really highlights their understanding and attitudes towards their own. By preparing and recognizing safety in their workplaces (and to some extent, their company culture), they always set the stage for everyone in their departments to follow and lead by example to ensure everyone in the company takes responsibility to maintain a safe workplace.

While it’s very easy to recognize negative actions, it is often a lot more challenging (yet rewarding) recognizing a great safety culture. Bothwell Cheese ensures that a safe workplace doesn’t come in a form of a trophy or a free lunch, but rather in their employee recognitions for going the extra mile and ensure everyone else in their organization remains driven by the accomplishments their work colleagues achieve. Lastly, they recognize and reward being a forward-thinker and aim to continuously shift culture in the right direction.

Help Made Safe congratulate Bothwell Cheese in receiving their Safety Excellence in Manufacturing Award! Learn more about their organization here and visit The Safetys here.

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