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COVID-19 precuations for Made Safe operations

COVID-19 precuations for Made Safe operations

Posted on May 21, 2020

As we enter the economic recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, Made Safe is pleased to announce a gradual re-opening of our office along with a number of important changes in the way we provide services and supports to our members.

The health and safety of our staff, members and visitors is our priority. The delivery of our in-person services is guided first by current public health orders. As leaders in manufacturing health and safety, our team has supplemented these guidelines with additional, industry-leading best practices and procedures. Strict adherence to these guidelines will allow us to stay safe, together.

Please do not visit our office if you meet any of the criteria below. Contact Made Safe and we will be pleased to help you make alternative arrangements:

• have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 within the last two weeks;
• have travelled outside of Manitoba within the last two weeks; or
• have/had flu like symptoms and or cold like symptoms presently or within the last two weeks. Guests and visitors will be asked to attest that they are symptom-free at each visit. Our trainers and facilitators will arrange for a substitute for any onsite training immediately should they develop symptoms of respiratory illness.

Made Safe has developed best practices and guidelines to allow participants to maintain proper social distancing. In rare situations where this may not be possible, we will notify participants in advance and request that they come prepared with their own mask or face covering. Additional measures will also be implemented to limit the amount of time spent in close contact.

Many pathogens spread from person to person via respiratory droplets, including the virus responsible for COVID-19. To mitigate risk, extensive controls have been implemented in our places of business. These include staying home when sick, physical distancing, eliminating shared equipment, rigorous cleaning protocols and the use of PPE should distancing not be possible.

Our already rigorous cleaning protocols have been enhanced, both in the classrooms and throughout the office. The frequency and scope of disinfection has been increased, while high touch surfaces will be disinfected twice daily using the appropriate procedures.

Here are the other ways we are working to keep you healthy. You’ll see ample signage and other communication tools around the office as we work together to learn this ‘new’ normal:

Coming into the office
• Use the access button instead of the door handle
• One person at a time in the coat room
• Sanitize your hands at the entrance and wash your hands regularly throughout the day
• Wear face coverings for situations where two-meter spacing is impossible
• Respect a ‘no handshake’ policy and eliminate physical touch

In shared spaces
• Limit hallway meetings, keep hallway time to a minimum and don’t congregate where people can’t pass you
• Many shared spaces will be closed to visitors, including lunchrooms. Board rooms are available through prior booking only and have been re-configured for safety with reduced capacity

In the classroom
• Class sizes have been reduced to accommodate appropriate distancing
• Classrooms have been modified to allow a minimum of two meters of distance between participants
• Hand sanitizer is available in every room and participants will be encouraged to use it by the facilitator
• Facilitators will also review Made Safe’s protocols as well as sanitization and hygiene best practices with all participants at the start each session or meeting
• Instructors will sanitize their hands and materials prior to sharing learning aids. Where possible, we will eliminate or reduce the number of handouts or other tools used during training. Any training tools still in circulation will be disinfected prior to each use.

At meals
• When meals are included as part of a training session, they will be ordered individually wrapped for each participant
• Where lunch is not included as part of a training session, participants are encouraged to dine off site

Made Safe has been the go-to resource for health and safety guidance for manufacturers during the pandemic. Rest assured that the measures we have implemented to keep you safe meet and exceed industry benchmarks. We also welcome your feedback on opportunities to do better. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we encourage you to share your suggestions and recommendations with our team. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to stay safe, together!


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