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Decor Cabinets achieves SAFE Work Certification by Made Safe

Decor Cabinets achieves SAFE Work Certification by Made Safe

Posted on February 5, 2019

As the manufacturing sector partner for SAFE Work Manitoba Certified, Made Safe works with members to assess their readiness, provide support and help companies achieve certification. The process is modeled on internationally-recognized best practices and has demonstrated positive outcomes for individual companies and the industry overall. Certified manufacturers have safer and healthier workplaces, better control of workplace hazards, fewer injuries and illnesses, more engaged and productive employees, and a significant rebate on their WCB premiums.

As the SAFE Work Certified by Made Safe process gains traction, we wanted to showcase just a few of the manufacturers leading the way. It’s our hope that telling their stories and sharing the lessons they learned during the certification process will help pave the path for other manufacturers moving forward.


Decor Cabinets is a family-owned manufacturer of high-quality custom cabinetry for over 200 dealers across North America.  Decor employs more than 500 people who come from over 30 different countries and bring innovation, passion and diverse life experiences with them.

Q. What should readers know about your company vision and culture?

Our mission at Decor has always been “to create cabinets people love, to bring light to the world and the community, to build life into people’s lives, and to leave behind more than we take.”  Our vision of Decor is that it would be a company where people can trust that they will be respected and valued in whatever role they fill.  Growing people is one or our strategic directives as an organization and we strive to help people develop both work and life skills, including healthy mindsets, positive attitudes and self-accountability for our actions.  Decor implements 2 Second Lean, which gives all employees the opportunity to continually improve their workspaces and processes. 

Q. What barriers did you need to address internally before making the commitment to pursue certification and how did you overcome these hurdles?

At the beginning of the process, we were not sure our safety program was robust enough to obtain certification and so our Safety Manager investigated to see if it would be possible. We made a decision to pursue certification, and then full-time staff worked on the missing items of the program together with production management, team leaders and all our employees.

Q. Did you learn any safety or business lessons throughout the process that might help others make the decision to become certified?

It cannot be achieved in a timely fashion without full time dedicated safety staff.

Q. What would you say is the biggest benefit of certification so far (or that you can see on the horizon)?

The biggest benefit has been a heightened awareness of safety by our leadership team and a renewed commitment to safety.  Made Safe has helped us create a solid foundation through the improved safety program, which we are able to build on to achieve a safe workplace without injuries.  Gaining certification has given us the opportunity to review current practices and processes, and to continuously improve safety across all levels of the organization.


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