Five safety habits to live by

Five safety habits to live by

Posted on August 14, 2017

By Cory Sander, Made Safe Trainer

Safety at work is everyone’s responsibility. A safety-focused culture means safe work processes and thinking are ingrained in every aspect of the business – no matter what the worker’s job duties. Changing or reinforcing a culture can seem overwhelming, but the practice is anything but. Ingraining safety habits – patterns of repeated behaviours or practices – not only create consistency but can also improve awareness, which is the first step to change.

Here are five tips for manufacturers to get you started:


  1. Be sure. Don’t assume that you “might” know how to do a task, especially when it comes to machinery or equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from a supervisor or a fellow worker. Get in the habit of asking questions to learn safely.
  2. Be aware. Machinery and equipment can and will pinch, crush or cut you. Be aware of the risks, use all available safeguards and work at a manageable pace.
  3. Good housekeeping is essential. A clean and organized work area can reduce or eliminate incidents. An added bonus: studies prove that workers are also be more productive in this environment.
  4. Choose your attitude. Be enthusiastic and encouraging about safety. When employees begin to embrace safety, it changes the mindset of others who may be on the fence, or unwilling to admit that safety is everyone’s responsibility. Every worker should be and feel safe while being at work. Be the change and a positive influence to those around you.
  5. Be your own person. When it comes to safety, it’s okay to look out for number one. You’re your environment, your abilities and always wear appropriate safety equipment. While safety affects everyone – you’ll be impacted most of all. For example, without hearing protection, the hearing loss you may develop will be yours to live with.

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