Celebrating safety in the workplace

Celebrating safety in the workplace

Posted on May 3, 2017

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By Dani Desautels, Program Manager

Most people would agree that being recognized for taking that extra step towards being safe or helping others to meet their safety expectation is encouraging. Others would rather be able to contribute naturally to everyone going home at the end of the day to see their family, their pets, their neighbors or their communities in general.


Whether you’re a person who prefers a tangible object to celebrate the efforts you’ve made, or you’re the type who’s fine with someone just mentioning their appreciation; being rewarded for being part of the safety culture in your workplace is a nice addition going home safely at the end of the day. Leaving work with the attitude that you met the requirements for safety in your workplace not because you had to but because it’s part of your day-to-day life is rewarding for everyone.


Safety culture is being spotlighted to show that by understanding your actions and attitudes; you can have a striking impact of the safety and health of not only yourself, but all of the people that you come into contact with every day. By preparing the up and coming generations to recognize safety – not as a requirement, but a culture in everyday life – we set the stage to recognize efforts that go the extra mile; not because you went home in the same capacity you showed up to work in.


It’s very easy to recognize negative actions and much harder to recognize safety culture. Rewarding safety does not have to come in the form of a trophy or a free lunch. It can come in the form of being recognized for going that extra mile to ensure families remain connected by accomplishments and not fractured due to workplace injury or fatalities.


Ask yourself how many times a day have you rewarded positive safety behaviors? Now ask yourself how many times have you reprimanded negative safety behaviors? People will always gravitate to receiving positive recognition and shy away from negative repercussions.  


In Manitoba, we recognize and reward the forward-thinking companies that are trying to be part of the cultural shift in safety. We encourage other companies to be aware of the strides being made and become part of the momentum that will excel Manitoba’s safety record from the bottom to the top of the list in provincial safety.


Celebrate your safety success – enter the SAFE Work Awards

To that end, I encourage you to submit a nomination for the 2017 SAFE Work Awards; acknowledging industry leaders committed to making Manitoba safer and healthier. Each year, the SAFE Work Awards celebrate an outstanding worker, workplace safety and health committee, and workplace. Nominations for the 2017 awards are now open!


Awards will be given in three categories:

  1. SAFEty Culture Award: a workplace that demonstrates leading and best practices in fostering a culture of safety, and uses innovation to advance safety and health in the workplace.
  2. Worker SAFEty Award: an individual who demonstrates commitment to workplace safety, every day.
  3. SAFEty and Health Committee Award – a workplace safety and health committees that takes an active role in improving health and safety in the workplace, spreads safety and health messaging (particularly to young and new workers), and makes a positive impact on the culture of safety and health at the workplace.


Visit www.safemanitoba.com/safeworkawards to read about past winners and submit a nomination. The nomination deadline is June 16 and winners will be celebrated at a gala along with the NAOSH Award recipients on September 27.

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