Dare to Compete session recommended for safety professionals: Human rights versus safety. How far does accommodation have to go?

Dare to Compete session recommended for safety professionals: Human rights versus safety. How far does accommodation have to go?

Posted on February 9, 2017

With information delivered straight from the source, learn how others have achieved balanced solutions when human rights conflict with safety. This panel presentation will feature in-depth, real-world scenarios allowing each expert to weigh in with their unique perspective and interpretation of the overlapping, and sometimes complex regulatory environment that governs both safety and human rights.

Here’s what panelists have to say:

Jamie Jurczak

Partner, Taylor McCaffrey Lawyers

-In my practice as a lawyer, my clients are regularly calling with questions about how they can balance their various legal obligations with respect to safety and human rights.  The issues that my clients approach me with are never black and white, and while the laws may be, the solutions invariably are every shade of grey.  My hope is that by participating in this panel, attendees will better be able to understand how to balance the different obligations, and be better equipped to find legal solutions when issues related to human rights and safety arise in their workplace.


Chris Poot
Manager, Return to Work Program Services, WCB

-The Return to Work Program Services department at WCB is tasked with teaching and helping Employers run a fair and efficient Return to Work program, one that is good for business as well as good for their Employees. This type of panel discussion is an excellent opportunity to continue spreading the call for transparency – it’s so much easier and there is less confrontation when everyone knows their rights as well as their responsibilities. Learning to work with the Workers Compensation Act, particularly the Obligation to Re-Employ legislation among others, is important to business in Manitoba. I’m looking forward to being able to add this perspective to the discussion.


Isha Khan

A/Executive Director & Counsel, The Manitoba Human Rights Commission

-The Commission appreciates any opportunity to talk about the principles in The Human Rights Code so that the public better understands the fundamental principles underlying the rights and responsibilities in The Code. The more we talk about how to assess requests for accommodation based on disability, religion, family status or other characteristics listed in The Code, the better equipped we are to respond with reasonable solutions that can balance the safety and other operational needs of the employer but also ensure employees are treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.
Other panelists include Marty Danielson, A/Client Services and Technical Support- Director, Workplace Safety and Health. This session will be facilitated by the safety experts at Made Safe.

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